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Tracker Organ for Sale

5 stop tracker organ is now dismanteld but was in excellent condition and plyed daily. The organ is still in a Texas residence close to Austin, Texas and is for sale for $5800. 

This mechanical tracker organ was originally built from the Laukhuff company in Germany and shipped to Texas. It is located at the beautiful Henkel Square Chapel in Round Top, Texas. I did install the instrument at the chapel and have it still under tuning and maintenance. The organ is in excellent working condition. It has four ranks of pipes and is suitable for a small church for up to two hundred people. The two ranks of Principal pipes have a strong and clear sound typical for German Lutheran churches. The other two ranks of flute pipes with an warmer sound are beautiful solo stops but also combine very well to the Principal pipes. With the attached pedal board the overall sound is superior to many electronic organs. Once installed in your church the organ will last for many years to come with an wonderful sound and if you interested, can be included in my yearly maintenance schedule for pipe organs in your area. The organ is 7 feet wide, 7.6feet deep and 8 feet high.

It is for sale for $13,000.

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