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buschbeck organbuilding

Tampa, Florida
Jehmlich organ in old Buchholz case in the Dom of Greifswald

Greifswald Jehmlich organ 

Guestrow Orgel_edited.jpg

Güstrow Lütkemüller organ


Berlin Schauspielhaus Jehmlich

Friedemann Buschbeck was trained as an organbuilder in Germany, and has had extensive experience in Germany and the United States. He served a three year apprenticeship in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik at the Schule für Orgelbau at Joachimstal. This training also involved work experience in the employ of Jehmlich Orgelbau in his home town of Dresden over a period of six years. He participated in the construction, as well as the restoration of small and large instruments, most importantly of the new concert organ in the Schauspielhaus Berlin, the 19th century romantic Lütkemüller organ in the Cathedral of Güstrow and of the new Jehmlich organ in the historic case from Carl August Buchholz t Greifswald. Having had experience in restoring tracker action instruments, he had the privilege of working for several years for the Orgelwerkstatt of Kristian Wegscheider in Dresden,   a leading company for organ restorations in Germany. Baroque organs in Saxony or Thuringia from Gottfried Silbermann and  Gottfried Heinrich Trost of are very important instruments for organ builders.  These organs were built, played and often inspected by Johann Sebastian Bach himslfe. Especially the Saxon baroque tradition had an importnt influence on American organ building. 


Friedemann moved to the US in 1994, and established his own workshop in Tampa, Florida. Here he has had the opportunity of  working for two American organ-building firms, Susan Tattersall of Rhinbeck, New York, and Taylor and Boody of Staunton Virginia.

He has restored several 19th century historic tracker organs  in the countryside of Texas. These some times forgotten instruments where often built in organ factories from Barkhuff,  Hinners or other builders.  These companies built highly developed  mechanical organs with an well thought design that worked for many churches, but only a thew survived. The more important it is to preserve these instruments today.

In 2021 Friedemann was asked to come to Jamaica to work on several old English tracker organs.  These organs  from Walker or Rutt where built from the finest Mahogany wood hold together only with brass screws. 









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