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The organ with 10 stops on one Manual and pedal board was built ca. 1904 from Edward Pfeifer in Austin, Texas. Pfeifer had training as an organbuilder in Dessau, Germany. Before he came to America he had built several organs in Germany.

Disposition Serbin Pfeifer Organ


Sub Bass 16Ft

Octave Bass 8Ft

Prinzipal 8Ft

Dulciana 8Ft

Doppel Flute 8Ft

Viol d´Gamba 8Ft

Viol d´Amour 4 Ft

Octave 4Ft

Quint 3 Ft

Wald Flute 2Ft


Bellows Signal


Since several years I have been tuning the organ and repaired the instrument on several occasions.  During my visits I found always mechanical problems which there part of the reason why the organ was so hard to play and why some  pipes sounded when they should be silent.  Even though the organ was somehow still playable, the overall restoration was the best way to repair all problems.


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