The organ was built at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church by the German immigrant, JohannTraugott Wandke (1808-1870), and was dedicated on January 13, 1867.

This instrument derives its historical value from several facts. It is entirely constructed from local cedar wood including all 408 pipes. Wandkes surviving  notebooks give as detailed information what he knew about organ building and his hand written hymn book give as knowledge what music he played on his organ. The survival of his organ tools, donated to the Round Top Museum, give us a detailed idea how he built his organs.  I had the privilege to restore two of his surviving 3 organs and had a chance to visited his home town Kowalice in Poland ( former Nikolschmiede in Schlesien).


Wandke was the first organ builder in Texas and his organs are the oldest pipe organs built in Texas. Almost every part and piece in the organ is hand made by him, he even turned such minute parts as the screws from oak wood.   There are no metal pipes in his instrument.


completely restored 2007



Principal 4 Fuss (front)

Quinta 1 1/3 Fuss

Klein Gedeckt 4 Fuss

Gross Gedeckt 8 Fuss

Viola di Gamba 4 Fuss

Viola di Gamba 8 Fuss

Octave 2 Fuss

Regal 8 Fuss