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The historic


R. Spurden Rutt & Co. pipe organ from 1915


at Saint John Anglican Church in Black River Jamaica

Black river Jamaica Saint John church
Rutt organ Black River, Jamaica
Black River pipes Gedackt.jpg

It is now the project of the St. Johns Church in Black River, Jamaica to restore their historic pipe organ. It is in deer need for a complete restoration. It fell into disrepair a long time ago and has been not serviced for the last 20 years. Only parts of the organ are still playable under a heavy layer of dust with many missing notes.  But that the organ after 100 years with 15 stops is mostly playable and it is the best proof for its thoughtful  tracker construction. The pneumatic pedal action was several times repaired but is out of work again. A total of US$ 150.000 would be needed to bring this organ back to playing and its original conditions. It is a remarkable treasure for the church and with the historic tower clock from 1839, also still in working condition, is the church in its ensemble of great historic value for the community of Black River and Jamaica. After being in service for over 100 years it is now the time to make this treasure playable again and with a restoration preserve it again for the next hundred years.

Black River in town
R Spurden Rutt organ plate.jpg
consol Rutt organ.jpg
Pedal chest at Rutt organ. All leather in the pneumatic is gone.
spurden rutt and co.jpg
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