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7 rank direct electric ation organ.jpg

House organ with direct electric action and additional stop knobs for an electronic extansion. Designed for a home in Texas. 2024

House organs

Pipe Organs for privat homes especially for a smaller room, should have stops with a beautiful ton and it should be not too loud as you sit right in front of it. Organ pipes that you inherited from a church are often too wide by scale and can not be voiced sooft enough with keeping its character. Principal pipes that built the foundation of a church organ with acusticus of a large room are too strong for most homes.  In your house a wooden Gedackt 8´ should be the basis of the organ together with flute pipes and a narrow soft principals. 

I have worked together with organists who started already an organ project and need  professional help to finish the project. 

4 stop organ positiv

House organ with 4 stops and tracker action. 2021

Hous organ with 5 stopes

House organ with 5 stops and tracker action

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